amforin uusi ohjelma tavarantoimittajille

Tavarantoimittajilla on nyt ainutlaatuinen mahdollisuus päästä mukaan amforin supplier-ohjelmaan, joka avaa pääsyn amforin web-koulutuksiin ja oppimateriaaleihin.

Etusijalla ovat tavarantoimittajat, joiden tuottajiin kohdistuu tänä vuonna auditointi. Mukaan mahtuu 20 toimittajaa, ja mikäli kiinnostuneita on enemmän, arvomme mukaan pääsevät.

Ilmoita kiinnostuksesi 27.3.2019 mennessä Hanna Kangasaholle ( Lisätietoja englanninkielisessä ilmoituksessa.

amfori Supplier Programme

amfori will now allow access to amfori Academy and the broad range of activities that we offer to a limited number of suppliers.

Up to 80 % of our members’ supply chains is made of indirect sourcing through intermediaries. Suppliers are important actors in cascading amfori values in members’ supply chains. They are key players and often have a closer link to the factories and speak the local language.

Members can now nominate up to 20 of their active suppliers in their supply chains to access amfori training.

Who is considered a supplier?

A supplier is an individual or legal entity that contributes goods or services in a supply chain. They are traders, importers or agents that are a link between amfori members and their producers.

What will my supplier learn?

Suppliers that decide to participate will learn the basics to succeed in implementing amfori BSCI and amfori BEPI. This e-learning material will be available free of charge.

To build on their foundational knowledge, they can also learn more about select topics at the engaged level such as due diligence, audit reports, remediation plans, grievance mechanisms, and risk assessments, which will include a small fee.

The training material will be available in several formats including videos and webinars, e-learnings and face-to-face workshops.

The benefits

The trainings will enable suppliers to:

  • Gain a better understanding of our services in order to cascade this information along their supply chains;
  • Improve the level of social and environmental compliance at their production sites;
  • Create an improved working environment of all tiers of the supply chain.

Who can participate?

Members are encouraged to invite their suppliers. This can include CSR staff and merchandisers such as buyers, production, Quality Assurance, design and anyone who deals directly with producers as well as managers.

Eligibility criteria

In the initial phase, amfori will grant access to the amfori to 150 suppliers. The selected suppliers must

  • have currently business relations with an amfori member
  • have a profile created either in the amfori BEPI and/or amfori BSCI platform and provide us with the DBID number
  • be linked to a minimum 1 producer

Each supplier may appoint up to 5 learners and are required to actively participate in training and to provide constructive feedback.

Submission of the selected active suppliers will be open on a first come, first-served basis.

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