Tavarantoimittajatiedote: Kutsu Sustainable Wine Roundtable -verkkokonferenssiin

Ilmoittaudu mukaan kesäkuussa järjestettävään, ensimmäiseen Sustainable Wine Roundtable -verkkokonferenssiin.

Sustainable Wine Roundtable (SWR) kutsuu viinialantoimijat mukaan ensimmäiseen järjestämäänsä verkkokonferenssiin 22–23.6. Tapahtuma on kaksipäiväinen, ja se on ilmainen ja avoin kaikille viinialalla työskenteleville toimijoille ja aiheesta kiinnostuneille.

Lisätietoja tapahtumasta ja ilmoittautumisohjeet löydät alta SWR:n tiedotteesta.

Alko on yksi SWR:n perustajajäsenistä. Olemme aktiivisesti mukana SWR:n työssä ja kehittämässä viinialan vastuullisuutta edelleen.

Global wine brands, leading producers and other experts meet to discuss sustainability strategy and implementation in public online conference June 22-23

The Sustainable Wine Roundtable hosts a free virtual interactive business conference about how sustainability will transform wine

The Sustainable Wine Roundtable (SWR) is pleased to host the first Sustainable Wine Roundtable Conference on 22-23 June, 2022. The virtual, 2-day business conference is free to attend and held in a discussion format.

The SWR invites all actors in the wine industry to participate in this global event as we debate important topics and learn from SWR members as they showcase their work in sustainability initiatives. We will also hear from expert speakers from both in and outside of wine as we discuss the practical implementation of sustainability across the industry.

SustainableWine.co.uk (now the free online magazine of the SWR) proudly holds an impressive track record of successful events held in 2019 and 2020. Past events have featured over 200 industry experts as speakers, and welcomed over 1800 attendees.

In fact, it was from these events that the SWR came to be. Industry leaders decided that a global, multistakeholder, non-profit membership organisation committed to advancing sustainability and collaboration in wine could be the driving force to create a global sustainability standard for wine. In September 2021, the Sustainable Wine Roundtable made its debut.

Tom Owtram, Outreach and Development Manager of the newly formed SWR says, “We’re looking forward to two days of constructive discussions about how to make sustainability work in the wine industry, from vineyards to retail. Given the conference is free we expect several hundred participants globally. We’re looking forward in particular to the debates about sustainable tourism, carbon insetting, mitigating glass impacts and what sustainability lessons can be learnt from industries outside of wine. Expect a PowerPoint-free series of debates and some really practical insights into how to make sustainability work for wine”.

Registration for the conference is free and open to all. Attendees can secure their online spot by signing up on the Sustainable Wine website.

Confirmed speakers and agenda topics: The conference will have more than 40 expert speakers. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from and ask questions to wine industry experts, CEOs of some of the world’s biggest wine companies, leaders of regional and national sustainability standard holders and certification programmes, and more including:

  • Richard Bampfield MW
  • Anne Bousquet, CEO & Co-founder, Domaine Bousquet
  • Will Drayton, Director of Technical Viticulture & Research Winemaking, Treasury Wine Estates
  • Shelly Fuller, Fruit & Wine Programme Manager, WWF South Africa
  • Julien Gervreau, Founding Board Member, International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA)
  • Kirsten Gray, Chief Sustainability and External Affairs Officer, Treasury Wine Estates
  • Marcus Ihre, Sustainability Supply Chain Manager, Systembolaget
  • Etelle Higonnet, Senior Advisor, National Wildlife Federation
  • Erica Landin-Lofving, Chief Sustainability Officer, Vintage Wine Estates
  • Barbara Wolff Gopfert, Sustainability & Innovation Manager, VSPT Wine Group
  • Laurel Marcus, Executive Director, Fish Friendly Farming
  • Simon Mason, Head of Wine Sustainability & Due Diligence, The Wine Society
  • Katie Pease, Program Manager, Sustainable Winegrowing British Columbia
  • Sandrine Sommer, Chief Sustainability Officer, Moët Hennessy
  • Barbara Wolff Gopfert, Sustainability & Innovation Manager, VSPT Wine Group

More speakers are being confirmed daily. The full list of speakers can be found here.

The 2-day conference will cover a broad range of sustainability issues through interactive, debate-driven sessions. The agenda includes key topics such as:

  • Vineyard inputs
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Key lessons from other industries
  • Wine standards and certification
  • Delivering sustainable wine to consumers
  • Carbon insetting and accounting

In order to offer the event free of charge so that all actors in wine may participate, the SWR is seeking event sponsors. Sponsorship information is available on the event webpage, and sponsorship enquiries may be directed to SWR Outreach Manager Tom Owtram at tom@sustainablewine.co.uk.

About Sustainable Wine Roundtable: The Sustainable Wine Roundtable (SWR) was established in September 2021, following calls from the industry to develop a global membership organization committed to advancing sustainability and collaboration in the wine sector. The SWR is the only global, non-profit, independent roundtable to include all stakeholders in wine. For information about membership and getting involved, please visit https://swroundtable.org/.


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