Kutsu tavarantoimittajille ja tuottajille: yhteissuunnittelutyöpaja Alkon vihreät & eettiset -tuotemerkinnöistä

Kutsumme tavarantoimittajat ja tuottajat osallistumaan yhteissuunnittelutyöpajaan Alkon vihreät & eettiset -konseptin kehittämiseksi.

Kutsu englanninkieliseen tilaisuuteen ja ohjeet ilmoittautumiseen tässä:

Consumers' interest in sustainability of products and responsible companies is constantly growing. Products’ sustainability information has to be clear, accurate and focus on the real impact.

To meet the expectations and to be future fit, we are updating Alko's Green & Ethical product markings. The update is one concrete step towards Alko’s 2030 environmental goals, such as halving beverage packaging emissions.

The aim of the update is to

  • continue supporting customer's sustainable choice by simplifying and clarifying the way we communicate sustainability of the products
  • increase the substantial impact of Green & Ethical products markings on climate, environment, and human well-being in our global supply chain.

This workshop is mainly targeted to our international producers and suppliers. Our current plans for Green & ethical concept update will be presented for the first time in the supplier event on 31st of May. Workshop on 2nd of June will include the same main points about the concept update. Suppliers are welcome to participate in both workshops but especially we hope you may share this invitation to producers in your network.

The Goal of the Green & Ethical Workshop

We invite producers and suppliers in our supply chain to participate in the dialogue of how the Green & Ethical concept development could be enhanced. In the online workshop, participants will get to know the current situation of the concept development and give their views on it. In addition, workshop participants can expect the workshop to provide ways to relate the conceptual work to their value chain & partner networks.

When and where

The workshop is arranged as an online event on Thursday 2.6.2022 13:30–16:00 EEST.

In the workshop, we utilize two digital tools. Microsoft Teams will be used for interacting through video and audio. Also, Miro tool, in turn, will be used to do collaborative exercises.

We provide a chance to try out the tools in a dedicated Workshop Tools Clinic for those who have registered. The event will be held on Tuesday 31.5. at 10:00–12:00 EEST. Please note that the exercise lasts about 10 minutes, and you can come at a time that suits you best. We will also share information about the used tools with all the participants of the workshop beforehand.

How to participate

Please, register for the workshop by sending following information to: responsible.purchasing@alko.fi by 25.5. We ask that you provide the following information as it helps us to prepare the workshop setting in advance:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Organization
  • Role in your organization
  • Country you're located

After we have gathered the registrations we will send detailed information about the workshop including links to Teams and Miro.

Add the workshop date to your calendar (.ics).

Current Green & Ethical concept

In Alko’s assortment the Green Choice symbols in product markings speak about the commitment of drink producers in environmental and sustainable development. Read more about the current Green Choice markings.

The Ethical symbol compiles ethical certificates whose criteria focus particularly on human wellbeing, but also on environmental perspectives in different phases of production. Read more about the current Ethical marking.