Alko works towards smaller environmental impacts

Alko’s store network consists of 353 stores and a web shop opened in late 2016. The total surface area of the stores is slightly below 102,000 sqm. Compared with the millions of square meters of the Finnish grocery store chains we are a smallish retail company. As such, our environmental impacts are very similar to what is common in retail business.

Our operations cause environmental impacts of which the most relevant ones take place in the supply chain in primary production, i.e. agriculture; in logistics, international as well as domestic; in the stores and the head office as they consume electrical energy and heat; and in the production and recycling of product packaging.

Environmental aspects guide our operations in many ways:

  • Our assortment contains environmentally certified products (organic, biodynamic)
  • We co-operate with other retail chains in product packaging recycling (glass and pet bottles, aluminium cans)
  • In the stores we sort packaging and other waste materials and direct them to recycling
  • We re-use logistics materials (pallets, cartons, crates)
  • We reduce logistics emissions domestically by combining lots from different warehouses into same shipments
  • We save energy by e.g. switching off unnecessary lights in backrooms and by upgrading our signage and store lighting into LED technology
  • We train and instruct store personnel to consider the environment in all their duties
  • We communicate to our customers about our environmental impacts, eco-friendly product choices, recycling, etc.

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