Our strategy revolves around the most responsible way to sell alcohol in the world

Alko’s mission is to be the most responsible seller of alcohol in the world and our vision is to be esteemed by customers. The strategy revolves around world-class service and being a pioneer in responsibility.

The main priorities of our strategy are: 

• Don't let a drop become an ocean – a pioneer in responsibility 

• World-class service – commendable contacts 

• Success through enthusiasm 

• Agile and efficient – has economic impact. 

By implementing our strategy, we seek to realise our vision of being esteemed by customers.  

Don’t let a drop become an ocean 

Alcohol use is associated with health and social impacts on the individual and society – these are evident in Alko’s basic mission: the responsible sale of alcohol. Responsibility is strongly evident in our business operations and processes. Our stores and online shop take an uncompromising approach to responsibility in alcohol sales. In collaboration with our partners, we take action to promote wellbeing and prevent social exclusion in Finland.

We reduce climate emissions from our own operations and both the manufacture and transportation of products. We develop transparency in the supply chain, so that our customers can make choices that work in the best interests of both the environment and the workers and communities involved in primary production. We ensure responsibility and ethics in the supply chain in cooperation with our stakeholders. 

World-class service – commendable contacts

We want to provide our customers with expert and smooth multichannel service. In our stores and customer service, there is an expert present who listens, makes suggestions, and creates happy customers by finding suitable solutions. We are easy to approach and want to leave our customers with a good impression.  

We want to provide our customers with the world in a glass: a diverse and up-to-date selection that suitably combines chain management with a local approach. Our products are researched and safe. Our customers can influence the selection available at their local store through the Alkotoive request service. Further developing smooth service and good network coverage are priorities. 

Success through enthusiasm 

We will continue to strengthen our personnel’s expertise and develop competence at Alko. We are enhancing leadership and supervisory work. At Alko, diversity and differences are strengths that we harness. We build our culture through our everyday work. The cornerstones of our culture – working together, clarity and impact – are visible to our customers, too.  

Agile and efficient – has economic impact

We are continuously improving and developing what we do, whether it’s knowledge management or modernising processes or systems. We pay attention to cost-effectiveness and smooth flow of work, and are open to trying out modern new practices. We constantly develop our background processes to ensure that we are at the forefront of development. Our teams can influence their own work and participate in development, which speeds up both decision-making and implementation.  

The alcohol taxes, VAT and fees collected through Alko and the profits distributed by the company are used to provide public services.