Environmental Management System helps to continuously improve

Environmental Management System ISO 14001 gives a framework and way of working for Alko’s store network and head office operations in environmental matters. The management system helps us to identify and reduce harmful environmental impacts.

As of year 2011, all our stores have complied with the operational principles of the international ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and in 2014, all Alko’s stores, regional offices and the head office in Helsinki received an ISO 14001 Environmental Certificate granted by certification company Inspecta. The certificate was re-audited and updated in 2016 and next audit will happen in 2019.

A well-functioning environmental system helps take environmental matters into account across all operations, be it energy savings, recycling of waste or training of staff. The activities also have agreed goals and with help of concrete targets the environmental impacts can be reduced and in the best case, eliminated.

Read more about ISO 14001:2015 at www.iso.org.

More store-specific information via internal audits

All new personnel at the Alko's stores receive induction and training to the practices of Alko. In addition to employee trainings, Alko executes internal store audits as a part of our internal auditing practice. With these audits we ensure that operationally we follow same standards in Alko stores through Finland and also inspect how well the everyday practices follow the guidelines defined in our environmental policy. Internal store auditing practice is also a great source of development ideas and feedback for further improvements. We perform about 20 internal store audits annually. In addition to environmental work in stores, the head office units are advised to consider environmental aspects in their own work.