Environmental policy of Alko Inc.

Our goal is to be Finland’s best retail chain measured by responsibility and service. This goal requires that we continuously develop our assortment, expertise, service and responsibility, the environmental aspects included.

Environmental aspects are taken into account when further developing our operations: saving natural resources as well as reducing consumption of e.g. energy. Alko’s goal is to identify and reduce the major impacts that are caused by our own operations and also those caused in the supply chain.

In environmental matters like in all our operations Alko complies with legislation, follows how it develops and acts in accordance with the expectations of our customers, the Finnish society and other stakeholders.

Within Alko’s environmental program we

  • use materials which have been selected considering environmental matters
  • consume energy economically and efficiently and aim to use renewable energy
  • take care of packaging material recycling and efficient logistics in transportations
  • include ethical products in the product assortment (this means both organic and fair certified, for example)
  • ensure the safety of our products
  • ensure the safety of our customers and personnel
  • continuously develop the expertise of our personnel
  • communicate our targets to our stakeholders and co-operate closely with them.