Partnerships for a cleaner nature

In Alko we work persistently to prevent and reduce environmental impacts caused by our operations. Manufacturing of product packages, logistics and also recycling cause major environmental impacts. We sell annually approx. 148 million packaged products. In case the empty packages end up in nature, lakes, rivers or the sea, they cause various problems, e.g. trashing. Therefore we have chosen partners together with whom we can improve the state of the Finnish nature.

Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) calls to action for the Baltic Sea 

The commitment-makers have of BSAG for example reduced the eutrophication of the water systems, increase the awareness of the situation of the Baltic Sea and improved the safety of marine traffic. Alko’s commitment, signed in 2014, aims at reducing trashing of water systems by organizing purpose-designed recycling for wine pouches and the inner pouches of bag-in-box wines. The recycling service is up and running in Southern and South-West regions in Finland. Our customers in these regions, especially boaters and summer cottage holidaymakers value the handiness of the service.

Keep Lapland Tidy against trashing the arctic nature

 This environmental organization aims at preserving the clean and enjoyable environment of Lapland. Their activities include education, training, development of waste management practices, different environmental projects and volunteering. Hikers and other visitors to Lapland, in addition to locals, are provided with the prerequisites to keep burdening the unique natural environment at a minimum. (in Finnish only)