Alko provides smooth service in all channels

Alko serves all Finns from Hanko to Nuorgam. Three out of four Finns live within four kilometres of an Alko service point. Our online shop offers a selection of more than 9,000 products, excellent customer service and delicious tips for choosing the right drink to accompany any food.

Alko’s serves customers throughout Finland, from Hanko to Nuorgam and from Vaasa to Ilomantsi. Our service network evolves in line with changes in both our customers’ needs and our operating environment. Our multichannel service network consists of 360 stores, about 100 pick-up points, our online shop and our mobile app. Three out of four Finns therefore live within four kilometres of an Alko service point.

Alko stores are located in the vicinity of other services

In order to make shopping easy, Alko locates its stores in central commercial areas in the vicinity of other services. Examples include shopping centres and service clusters. Store locations are guided by factors such as customer service perspectives, responsibility, financial viability, and an area’s population base. Our choice of retail points also considers our store’s impact on competition in the grocery trade. The Regional State Administrative Agency (RSAA) grants retail sale permits for alcohol. In accordance with the Alcohol Act, the RSAA assesses retail premises with regard to factors such as sales supervision and security.

In January 2020, 27 per cent of Alko stores were located next to S Group stores, 26 per cent next to K Group stores, 5 per cent next to Lidl stores, 13 per cent in shopping centres, and 13 per cent in hypermarket centres, with the rest being in a variety of different locations. Alko assesses its store network – the location, size and number of stores – continually. All of the company’s applications for retail points are public knowledge and can be viewed on the Alko website.

Pick-up points are an important component of Alko’s service network

Alko’s service network also includes pick-up points, where customers can collect products they have ordered from the Alko online shop. Pick-up points are run by local business partners, who can hand over customers’ online orders of alcoholic beverages. In January 2020, Alko had a total of 100 pick-up points for online orders in areas without their own Alko store.

Buy online at or using the mobile app

Our Online Shop offers customers all across Finland an equal opportunity to browse and buy from Alko’s entire selection of products whenever it best suits them. Customers can place their orders via the Alko website or using our mobile app. Sales staff can also place an online order on a customer’s behalf in Alko stores and at pick-up points. Customers can collect their orders from stores and pick-up points.

Expert multichannel service

Alko wants to provide world-class service in all channels. Alko provides personalised service that is knowledgeable and friendly. Our customer service and store concept considers both self-service customers and those who appreciate help from a salesperson.

Alko provides face-to-face customer service, and also answers questions by phone, email and chat, and on social media. Our advisors respond to tens of thousands of contacts every year. Alko’s various customer service channels also actively forward feedback that helps us to further develop our operations.

Our knowledgeable and professional salespeople can recommend a suitable beverage to accompany even the most demanding of dishes.

Customers have voted Alko as having the best customer service in the retail sector since 2011.

Service hours

Alko stores are generally open from Monday to Thursday, 9am–9pm or 9am–6pm, Fridays 9am–9pm and Saturdays 9am–6pm. All stores are closed on Sundays. Our customer service follows the same opening hours as our stores. You can check store-specific opening hours, locations and selections online.

Orders placed in our online shop can also be collected from pick-up points during Alko store opening hours. By law, alcoholic beverages cannot be delivered to consumers’ homes.