The Alcohol Control Laboratory – the seal of quality

The Alcohol Control Laboratory (ACL) analyses the products sold at Alko, and also offers its services to others in the field.

Alko wants to provide its customers with world-class service. One integral element of an excellent customer experience is an interesting, diverse and top-notch selection of products.

Product safety and high quality are essential for an excellent selection. The products in Alko’s general selection are analysed by the Alcohol Control Laboratory (ACL) before ending up on the shelves. The analysis seeks to supplement the product selection process and ensure that the products are flawless in quality and comply with legislation.

When assessing the safety and quality of beverages, the laboratory goes above and beyond the legislative requirements set for Alko as a retailer. This serves Alko customers, as analyses reduce the number of defective products and thereby lead to fewer product returns. Long-term product research has served as a pacesetter for beverage suppliers and producers – the general quality of alcoholic beverages has improved over the years.

ACL generally at least analyses the alcohol content of an alcoholic beverage to ensure that it matches the ABV indicated on the label. In addition, it analyses characteristics such as the bitterness of beers, sugar content of wines and the amount of sulphur used as a wine preservative. In addition, many other analyses may be performed, depending on the beverage in question. ACL has a team of 15 people who examine about 5,000 products each year, carrying out a total of more than 50,000 analyses.

ACL is an accredited laboratory
FINAS Finnish Accreditation Service has verified the competence and independence of ACL. The scope of accreditation of the laboratory covers the chemical testing of spirits, other beverages containing alcohol and technochemical products. The laboratory meets the requirements of the SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

ACL also offers analysis services to parties other than Alko

In addition to Alko, ACL serves other actors in the field and the authorities. ACL is an accredited laboratory. Other actors can turn to it to buy chemical and microbiological analyses.

Over the years, ACL has tested nonalcoholic beverages, technochemical products and detergents such as windshield washer fluids, for example. In addition, it carries out tests of foodstuffs and animal feed ingredients.

Alcohol Control Laboratory (ACL)


Arkadiankatu 2 (PL99), 4th floor

00101 Helsinki, Finland

Switch: +358 20 711 11, workdays between 8 o'clock and 16 o'clock

Telephone: +358 20 711 5808

What kinds of analyses does ACL carry out?

ACL performs a wide range of analyses, such as:

  • Alcohol content
  • Extract
  • Total acidity
  • Sulphur dioxide
  • Citric acid
  • Sorbic acid
  • pH
  • Glucose & fructose
  • Propylene glycol

ACL can also perform other kinds of analyses – contact us (!

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