We offer analysis services of alcoholic beverages not only to Alko but also to authorities, producers, wholesalers and importers.

If you need the results urgently (in fewer than two weeks) or if the sample delivery is large, we ask you to contact us in advance. We will also be pleased to answer any questions about our analysis services, and to advise you on the suitable analysis.

If you need the results in less than one week, we will charge 20% extra. If you require analysis in one day, we will charge 30% extra. The delivery time depends on the laboratory’s sample situation and the type of analysis required. All types of analysis cannot be performed in one day. First control analyses cannot be performed using rapid methods.

Delivery of samples and delivery time of results

The customer is responsible for taking a sample and delivering it to the laboratory, together with an accompanying letter. The standard delivery time for results is about two weeks. We will send you a certificate of the analyses performed as well as an invoice.