Orders and Deliveries

Logistics team is in charge of the material and message flow between the suppliers and Alko's shops. For us it is important to make sure that the availability of the beverages is good. This is possible with the help of accurate sales forecasts and well-timed orders and deliveries.

Purchasing logistics

Our buyers at the purchasing logistics are in charge of ordering the products to Alko's central warehouse from the suppliers in Finland and abroad. The team also takes care of the customs clearance of Alko-imported products, follow-up of import transports and maintenance of product information in our data systems. 

E-mail address to our purchasing logistics is huolinta@alko.fi.

Material flow control centre

The material flow control centre is in charge of directing and following the message and material flow between Alko's shops and the warehouses delivering products to the shops.  The team also schedules the transports to Alko's shops together with transport companies.

E-mail address to our material flow control centre is mok@alko.fi and phone number +358 20 711 5678. 

Alko Inc. conctact information

Alko Inc.
Box 99, Arkadiankatu 2
FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland
Telephone: +358 20 71111
Telefax: +358 20 711 5131
Business ID: 1505551-4
VAT number: FI15055514
Excise number for warehouse: FI15055514002
Excise number for warehouse keeper: FI15055514A00