Rules for supplier collaboration

To ensure fair and impartial supplier treatment, we have rules for collaboration between our purchasing personnel and suppliers.

Supplier collaboration with Alko’s Selections, Products and Quality department

Alko’s ethical principles guide our whole personnel to responsible operations based on the values and principles confirmed by the company management.

The Alcohol Act (1102/2017) requires non-discriminatory treatment of suppliers by Alko. Therefore, we have additional instructions on the supplier collaboration to ensure impartiality, and these are applied to the personnel who are participating in Alko’s selection process.

The persons participating in the selection process are all members of the Selections, Products and Quality department and other persons involved to product’s listing process, Service Managers, Shop Assortment Expert and shop personnel in the sensory elevation group.

Rules for supplier collaboration

1. Lunch negotiations and dinner meetings

Negotiations should mainly be held either at Alko’s premises or at the premises of the supplier. A lunch can be combined with the meeting, when appropriate. Dinner meetings require the presence of a principal/producer. It is not allowed to attend a dinner which is held at the home of the supplier.

2. Tastings arranged by suppliers

Tastings arranged by the suppliers should take place during the office hours and their length should be moderate (2-3 hours). The purpose of the tastings is the introduction of the products to the participants during the event. Therefore, beverages or other gifts may not be given to the participants as a take-away for later orientation.

All work-related tasting events outside the office are documented for members of product category teams and quality control team.

3. Other events arranged by suppliers

Personnel of the Selections, Products and Quality department will attend only events which include professional elements.

4. Travelling

Business trips go always hand in hand with the responsibilities of the person in question. Supplier or local organizations can help in arranging the practicalities of a trip, but all travel expenses of our personnel are paid by Alko.

5. Gifts and hospitality

Personnel of the Selections, Products and Quality department will not accept product gifts or any other gifts. This concerns also Christmas and other seasonal compliments.