Supplier’s news, information and brochures

As a rule, the Alko Yammer functions as the main supplier information channel for the shops.

News, information and e-brochures sent by the suppliers are published on Alko’s Yammer group.

Supplier’s communication is sent to the following email address:

Information published via Alko Yammer is available for the benefit of the entire retail staff. The information is wished to inform which things make the product special. The information can include links to supplier’s webpages. Shop personnel is also able to watch videos via Yammer group. Attachments are hoped to be in pdf form.

To make search function easier different hashtags are used on Yammer. The hashtags can be used also for a specific area. The list of hashtags will be released on webpages and the list is updated when needed, regarding e.g. new special display themes. Here is the list of used hashtags:

As there is a centralized information channel for the shops to use, suppliers are allowed to send separate product-specific brochures by email straight to shops four times per year preferably regularly during the year. Any general newsletters cannot be sent to Alko shops’ emails. Alko shops’ email addresses can be found in a contact information report on Alko Extranet portal. The product-specific brochures on paper can be sent by post mail to Alko shops when needed.