Utilizing Alko Online shop and Alkotoive in suppliers' advertising and communication

How suppliers can utilize Alko Online shop and Alkotoive (Alko Wish) in their advertising and communication? Find more info below.

Suppliers' web pages and online advertisements can be linked to Alko Online shop according to these instructions.

Suppliers have a permission to use the “click to reach the online shop / siirry tästä alko.fi-verkkokauppaan” icon in their online advertisements that directs to Alko Online shop. The icon’s role is to be an action button that creates the link to Alko Online shop. The icon cannot be used as a logo or any other element.

Alko works equally and without discrimination towards all sellers and producers of alcoholic beverages. Alko does not highlight any individual alcohol product or producer in the communications or advertising. Alko does not promote any individual product. The use of the icon cannot create any confusion between the advertising supplier and Alko.

Guidelines on how to use Alko Online shop icon?

Supplier can create a link (URL) from supplier’s website or online advert:

  • to the product page of Alko Online shop
  • to the front page of Alko Online shop.

The “click to reach the online shop” icon should be used to create the link.

  • The icon has to be used only like it is and any own added illustrations, text or other elements are not allowed. This ensures that the customer understands that the products are purchased in Alko Online shop.
  • The size of the icon needs to be reasonable compared to the advertisement.
  • Please find the ‘click to reach the online shop’ icon attached with a white and black layout. The icons are in English, Swedish and Finnish.

It is not allowed to use Alko’s logo without permission.

Customers can see products and availability information on alko.fi –pages. When advertising products supplier should consider that delivery times of products from the Alko Online shop can vary and that products can run out from Alko’s and supplier’s warehouse. Desirable way is that supplier recommends customers to check the availability of a product from alko.fi –pages. The supplier should also ensure that the product availability is sufficient for the duration of their advertising campaign.

N.B. The Alcohol Act prohibits advertising, indirect advertising and other sales promotion of strong alcoholic beverages exceeding 22% alcohol by volume. Alko informs the supplier if any violations appear. If illegal links are created, Alko may remove the product from Alko Online shop.

How to utilize Alkotoive (Alko Wish) in suppliers’ communication.

Using Alkotoive customers can tell us which products they would like to see in stock at their local Alko store. Customers can wish for any product from Alko’s selection or outside of it.

Suppliers may tell about Alkotoive service and its features in their own communications and advertising on a general level. Suppliers may use the link to the online service in this context. Linking individual products to the Alkotoive service is not permitted. It is also not allowed to advertise customers to make a wish for individual products into the selection. Individual products cannot be marketed as a ‘wished product’ on the basis that it has been wished into a store.

To ensure that Alkotoive is not confused with suppliers’ own advertising or promotion, the Alkotoive logo may not be used in suppliers’ advertising.

The suppliers’ own staff may not use the service to make wishes.