Alcoholic preparations in Alko’s selection

Information on alcoholic preparations and their offering process.

Alko in brief

Alko is an independent, totally government owned company. It is administered and controlled by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Alko’s functions and operations are defined in the Alcohol Act and in a related decree.

Alko’s operations and the sole right for the sales of beverages and alcoholic preparations containing over 5.5 per cent alcohol by volume are based mainly on social and health political reasons. The sole right position also means that the company is required to treat all suppliers equally, in an impartial and non-discriminative manner. Impartiality is ensured with public instructions on product listing, in which the operating principles between Alko and its suppliers can be found. A separate version of the listing instructions for both alcoholic beverages and alcoholic preparations.

Alko does not have own production, bottling or brands for alcoholic beverages or alcoholic preparations. All products in the Alko’s selection have been bought from domestic and foreign companies.

In its activities, Alko has special obligation and good possibilities to take into account the different aspects of responsibility: social, economic and ecological.

In the field of responsible purchasing Alko works in collaboration with the other Nordic alcohol monopolies. Alko is a member of an international Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) organization called amfori. It is a non-profit organization, the aim of which is responsible trading worldwide. To ensure sufficient understanding of the effects of responsible purchasing in practice, Alko requires the seller to complete the e-learning material of ethical principles provided online by Alko. If the seller has an authorized representative (an agent), the agent is also required to complete the e-learning.

Alcoholic preparations

Alcoholic preparation stands for an alcoholic substance which is not an alcoholic beverage or spirit in accordance with the Alcohol Act (1102/2017). The listing instruction for alcoholic preparations applies to a solid or solid-containing alcoholic preparation, which is intended to be consumed as such or which can be made into a drink by separation of ingredients or by adding liquid, and the alcohol content is over 5.5 per cent of volume.

Who can make offers to tenders?

Importers, other suppliers, producers, manufacturers of alcoholic preparations as well as authorized representatives are entitled to submit offers to Alko’s tenders. The offeror needs to have valid permits required for the respective activities. Alko has an own version of the listing instructions for alcoholic preparations. Please read the document carefully before offering.

Selection planning and tender requests for alcoholic preparations

Alcoholic preparations are a part of Alko’s seasonal selection, which products are purchased for a specific season or event and the selection is based on the particular demand of the season. Alko will only list products which do not require cold storage or refrigerated transport.

The listing of alcoholic preparation is based on systematic planning, which also provides a base for seasonal selection’s tenders published separately on Alko’s for suppliers' webpage. In the tender request is announced inter alia criteria for searched product and number of purchased products from the tender.

Making an offer

The offering must be made by using Alko’s offer form for alcoholic preparations. Please remember to attach the following documents to the offer: product image and authorization as well as other needed documents, e.g. if the tender request is for ethically certified product, only product-specific certifications are accepted.

The undersigned offer is delivered via email ( or by mail.

Please notice when filling in the form:

  • The offer form must be completed fully and in specified form, otherwise the offer cannot proceed in Alko’s offer processing.
  • The offered product must meet all criteria indicated in the search text.
  • The party making the offer (= signer of the offer) must, when necessary, attach to the offer an authorization given by the producer or brand owner.
  • Please remember to choose the way of delivery.
  • If some points of the form are difficult to understand, it is advisable to contact the product group’s service phone for help (, tel. 020 711 5885 weekdays at 9 am-5 pm).

Timetables for delivering offers and samples

The offer deadline is indicated in the tender request, and the offer must be at Alko on that day.

Offers must be valid for at least 12 months from the deadline of the tender, if no other offer validity date is mentioned in the tender request of the product.

The samples must be delivered in the timetable stated in the tender request. Otherwise samples are allowed to be provided only on Alko's request.

Selecting and listing of alcoholic preparations

Products are chosen in an impartial manner based on the samples requested. The goal is to find the best product from the offered products that meets best the customer needs and demand. In addition to the product’s quality, the evaluation pays attention to price and other aspects providing additional value to the consumers. Product’s responsibility, conformity to alcohol law and factors related to these are also a part of the evaluation. Based on the evaluation the chosen product can be listed in the seasonal selection if it satisfies all statutory pre-requisites and limiting values related to the tender, and no other defect is detected in the quality or in the responsibility of the product.

Alko has two sales channels in Finland: Alko shops and Alko Online shop. The selections at Alko shops are determined by customer demand and local needs. Products in the seasonal selection can be allocated to shops centrally according to estimated demand and customer’s interest. The products in the seasonal selection are optional for the shops that are outside of central allocation. Generally, all Alko’s products will be on sale in the Alko Online shop.

Whom can you contact if you need help?

Product Managers and Purchasing coordinators will help when needed. Responsibilities of the Product Managers at Alko go by product categories. To find the person in charge, please go to Product categories' contact information. The product group’s service phone can also help in urgent matters (, tel. 020 711 5885 weekdays at 9 am-5 pm).