Information on the product range and products

General statistics on the structure and development of Alko's sales are available at In addition, suppliers have access to the sales figures of their own products on the Alko extranet.

Statistics at

We release monthly several reports concerning the structure and development of Alko's sales. These reports are available at, under Statistics. The reports tell about the sales development from different angles, either by product categories or for instance by regions.


Reports on the Alko extranet

Suppliers can subscribe to detailed sales information on their own products. Suppliers can also find general sales information via this portal. The published reports are monthly (myynti_kk), weekly (myynti_vk), period review of supplier sales reports (Jaksotarkastelu) and weekly ranking report where suppliers can find anonymous ranking for all of the products in every segment. Supplier can also find quality complaints of products, deliveries by shops (deliveries via Alko central warehouse) and list of shops by category.

This information is available via the report service on the Alko extranet, and a written agreement between the supplier and Alko is needed to activate the service. If you are interested in our report service, please contact Mari Raunio ( for making the agreement.


List of suppliers

A list of products with the names of their suppliers and importers is available as an Excel-file on the right upper corner of this page. This list contains in alphabetical order the name, product code, supplier and importer of all products that are listed in Alko's general selection. For the users of the Alko extranet report service, the same information is available on the extranet, in the Price list document.

The supplier list is updated three times a year.

A list of the products in Alko's product range is available in excel form.
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