Partner Network

Alko’s suppliers or their representatives can make offers of new products on Alko’s Partner Network, and manage information and lifecycle of products that are already in Alko’s selection.

The software is free of charge to the users but for using the Partner Network, a written agreement must always be made with Alko. When the signed agreement (attachment of Partner Network contract on this page) has been made and it has been sent by email to, Alko will send the partner a user ID and a password. The partner signing the agreement must be the same who makes the offers to Alko.

Offering products via the Partner Network speeds up the offering process and enables to follow up the status of sent offers in the process. Partner Network’s Product management -section is for viewing product information, making product changes, updating marketing information or taking care of product’s delisting. Supplier’s or agent’s each product has product sheet on the Partner Network and product information is managed through the sheet.

Partner Network application is located at The link for login page is also on right side of this page. In the login page the language can be changed either to Finnish or to English. Login is done by entering the username and password, which is given by Alko. User ID management is carried out by Alko and users cannot change the username or the password.

Alko cannot guarantee that its Partner Network functions work together with all IT systems. Recommended browser for the software is Google Chrome. The Partner Network is also possible to be used with mobile devices.

Please read the Partner Network instructions for use carefully.

Updated on 9 June 2021.

NB! Do not make any changes to the names of the columns. There are sheets for both max and over 5,5% alcohol products.