Sensory evaluation and additional samples

Alko chooses the products to be listed in the general selection using a sensory evaluation process. Additional samples are requested of products that proceed from the sensory evaluation to the next stage in the listing process.

Sensory evaluation is done by a jury of experts. Firstly, the aim is to find the best product from those offered for each search that best matches established customer needs. Secondly, the aim is to ensure product safety and compliance with the law.

Please find the video about the sensory evaluation process below.

Offers proceeding in the purchasing process of general selection will receive a request for additional samples.

As a rule, additional samples needed for wines are:

  • Larger specialties products using ACL analysis service: 1 additional sample
  • General selection products: 2 additional samples

Additional sample must be equal to sample sent for the offering process. If the additional sample differs from the offering sample, Alko might ask for clarification.

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