Meetings between suppliers and sales personnel -guidance

Reserving a meeting time

  • Meetings must be agreed with Shop Assortment Expert, contact information is available on Alko´s extranet. Shop assortment Experts may delegate the meeting for a colleague if they are for example on holiday or if the meeting can´t be arranged with the Shop Assortment Expert because of long distance.

  • Number of meetings is limited (per year): for one supplier, maximum 4 visits per group of shops.

  • All the shops in one group of shops are discussed in the same meeting and the duration of one visit is 15-30 min depending on how wide supplier’s portfolio is. Shop Assortment Expert can specify the duration of the visit.

  • Time and place for the meeting must be suitable for both parties and it must be agreed at least two weeks before the meeting, preferably 3 or 4 weeks beforehand.

  • If the number of meetings for one Shop Assortment Expert is too high for one week, meetings can be limited and prioritized by Shop Assortment Expert. Visiting is not allowed on Friday, Saturday or in seasonal times.

  • Meetings can be arranged in any of the shops which are part of Shop Assortments Experts responsibility. Meeting place will be defined by Shop Assortment Expert.

Practices of the meeting

  • Meeting will be held in the shop or storage room but not in the back office.

  • The subject of the meeting is to give additional information about the products: stories, backgrounds, arguments for sale. The representative can tell about their own products which are either in a general selection or in a sale-to-order selection.

Other communication

  • The supplier can send brochures and information to the shops by mail. It is not allowed to send marketing material to the shops by email. If agreed beforehand, some material can be sent to the Shop Assortment Expert by email before the meeting.

  • Supplier can also visit Shop Assortment Experts other shops (group of shops) as a customer and leave some brochures. Time for discussion for these kinds of visits will not be reserved.