New information for Alko’s products: suitability for vegans, natural wine, local eco certification and a lighter glass bottle packaging

Suppliers are asked to update information for their products within the assortment before 23 August 2017. The information is updated using the product change form in the Partner Network.

Alko’s products will have new Eco product information visible for customers as of 3 October 2017. This includes four new product attributes: 1) suitability for vegans; 2) natural wine; 3) local eco/sustainability certifications; 4) packed in a lighter glass bottle (wines category). This information is updated for products based on the suppliers’ notifications.

For products that already are in the assortment the information is updated in the Alko Partner Network with the product change form. Information for new offers can be declared in the offer. For products that are in the assortment the new information needs to be updated before 23 August 2017 because new price tags are ordered in the end of August.

Suitability for vegans, natural wine and local eco certificate symbols must be displayed on the product packaging. A photo where the marking can be verified needs to be attached to the product change form or to the offer. Product change samples are not required if the product change is made only for the new Eco information (suitability for vegans, natural wine, local eco certifications and/or packed in a lighter glass bottle).

Suppliers can add the new information for products in each case when the definitions in the attachment apply.