Additional hearing: Alko is piloting a new offering procedure for seasonal products

In 2018, Alko is piloting a seasonal products procedure in which producer´s authorization is not required.

Offering procedure for a new seasonal product:

- Offeror is responsible for the right to offer and sell the product as when signing the offer.

- Alko will not ask for a separate consent from the producer.

- The chosen offer/product will be purchased. If the offeror is not able to supply the product despite the offer, launching of the product will be cancelled. The costs caused by cancelled launching will be charged from the offeror who has signed the offer.

- Before the purchase desicion is made, offeror has right to ask for cancelling the offer in the offer process.

- If more than one company offers the same seasonal product, Alko buys the product of the lowest price considering the product’s estimated demand and availability.

- The same product cannot be taken into the selections from more than one seller at a time.

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