Alko is piloting a new order for whisky shelf

New order of the whisky shelf is piloted at the Helsinki Center Forum and the Espoo Lähderanta shops.

The display groups of whiskies remain unchanged. The reforms that are being tested are intended to improve display groups visibility from the shelf to the customer. The current vertical display of whisky display groups will remain the same in large stores. In these shops, the presentation groups are communicated in module-specific guides.

Currently, even in small shops, whisky display groups are arranged on a vertical display and module guidance has been on the top level 'Whiskys'. The perception of the display groups and the different whisky styles on the shelf has been felt difficult. In the pilot, a new kind of whisky shelf order is being tested, where the display groups are organized for the horizontal display. The groups are separated by a shelf guide that shows the display group division or country division. In two pilot stores two different orders of display groups are tested, otherwise the implementation will remain the same.

Feedback from the pilot is collected from customers and staff. Feedback is taken into account and changes to the display rules will be implemented in all shops in the beginning of June.