Alko reforms customer communications for sparkling wines and whiskies

During summer 2018, taste types will be introduced for sparkling wines and whiskies.

The shop display groupings of sparkling wines will also be renewed. The aim is to make the product groups easier for customers to comprehend and purchase. The updates will have no effect on the segmentation of the selection.

The reform is based on consumer and buying behaviour surveys and supplier workshops. The model helps customers to understand the product groups better and develop their knowledge of the beverages. This facilitates the promotion of responsible development of drinking culture. The solution is supportive of the interaction between customer service staff and the customer. The taste types have been developed together with suppliers at workshops held in May and September.

In addition to taste types, the communication on whiskies will also include a separate symbol that describes the product’s smokiness. In February, suppliers will be sent lists of their products and their distribution to the different taste types. The taste type groupings have no effect on segmentation.

At the same time, the shop display grouping of sparkling wines is changed to be based on style, in line with their countries of origin. In sparkling wines, the shop display groupings will be Italy, Spain, France, champagnes, rosés, and other countries. It was found that sweetness still plays a crucial role for customers when selecting products. As a result, it is clearly visible in price tags and remains as one of the bases for segmentation in the management of the selection.

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