Alko’s ERP system updates – impacts to assortment allocation and product rankings

Alko’s ERP system updates were rolled out to the stores during September 2018.

As communicated previously, the system updates caused some issues in the ordering and fulfilment processes for the stores. These issues caused momentary stock outs in a limited amount of stores for some products. Alko has now completed a product-level analysis on the impacts of these issues, specifically to the assortment allocation rankings for the price list period, which ended in the beginning of October. In the analysis five products were identified, which lost their rank in the ranking calculation during September potentially because of the system related stock outs. The centrally allocated shop coverage for these products will be corrected for the next period starting in February. The correct coverage is in line with the ranking-status from beginning of September. These corrections will not have a negative impact on any other product’s ranking or shop coverage competing in the same segment.

The suppliers of these five identified product will be contacted personally during this week.

Contact persons: Order fulfillment process: Paula Kujansivu, Product allocation and ranking: Jussi Tan