Alko’s Green choice -product information

By the broadened product sustainability information, Alko wants to simplify how customer can find products into which the producer has invested for sustainable development.

The Green Choice product attributes got their new name in May 2018

Alko's set of expanded environmental product information was initially launched in October 2017 as “Eco” product information. Alko chose that name as it was seen to be descriptive of the producers’ commitment to environmental and sustainable development, and because it was a term already familiar to the consumers. Alko however received feedback in January 2018 about using the term ‘eco’ in connection with products that were not certified organic. After due clarifications with the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira), to implement their guidance we decided to replace “Eco” with the expression Green Choice. The change became effective in Alko stores and webstore in May.

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