Updated: Alko’s product segments are being updated for October 2019 assortment allocation

The product segments used in Alko’s assortment allocation model are being updated.

Published on 2 November 2018, updated on 22 January 2019.

The changing segments have been listed to an attachment of this announcement (the attachment is updated on 22 January 2019). Products will be locked to the new segments for the first time on 5 February 2019. Products will be allocated based on these new segments starting from the price list period beginning in October 2019.

Summary of the changes and updates to the segments:

  • Cartons and plastic bottles in wines are separated to their own segment. Updated: Only the cartons are separated to their own segment. The plastic bottles will be remained in the same segment with the glass bottles. 

  • The remaining under 7€ price point segments in wines are updated, the lowest price segment will be under 8€.

  • Rosé sparklings and rosé champagnes are separated to their own segments.

  • 1,5l and smaller bag in box wines and wine pouches are separated from larger bag in boxes.

  • For larger bag in box wines the price points are updated to reflect the current / coming structure of the selection after recent and coming tax increases.

  • For Gins two different price points are introduced, over and under 30€.

  • For Blended whiskies two different price points are introduced, over and under 28€.

updated on 22 January 2019