Communications and shelf display for the long drink product group to be tested

The concept test is based on both our naming survey and our consumer and purchasing behaviour survey, and will be implemented in three stores from Monday 22 January to Wednesday 31 January 2018.

Stores participating in the pilot:

• 2102 Helsinki Centre Arkadia
• 2115 Helsinki Ruoholahti
• 2144 Helsinki Centre Kamppi

To be tested during the pilot:

• Product group communications
• Product grouping
• Taste typing

The goal is to make it easier for customers to form a concept of the product group and find suitable products for themselves.

During the pilot, the product group’s name will be changed to Mixed Drinks and displays will be grouped by product type:

• Long drinks
• Flavoured long drink
• Ready drinks

Subcategories will be based on the consumer and purchasing behaviour survey, and products will be divided by production method and the significance of the alcohol base in the recipe.

In addition to display groups based on product type, products will also be given taste types:

• grapefruit
• citrus
• fruity
• berry
• flavoured and others

It is the basic flavours that are used to determine the taste types in the grapefruit, citrus and fruity categories (for example, orange is a citrus fruit, but due to its sweetness, it fits into the fruity category better than the citrus category).