Extraordinary possibility to change prices from March 1st onwards

Suppliers will have a possibility to change purchase prices outside of the normal price list period on March 1st 2018 because of the increase in alcoholic beverage tax valid from January 1st 2018.

The deadline to notify the new prices is Tuesday January 23rd 2018. This schedule does not apply to products, which have a listing date after January 1st 2018. Regarding these new products, we will contact suppliers case-by-case and provide an opportunity to change the purchase price.

The price change possibility concerns all selection categories (general selection, sale-to-order selection, seasonal selection, and specialties) and those products, which have a valid purchase price and have not been flagged as end-of-life products. Exceptionally, also the products which have been listed during the current or previous price list period, will have the possibility for a price change. The change possibility does not concern end-of-life products, which have already been fully delivered to Alko’s shops.

Only pure price changes will be allowed on March 1st 2018. Changes in recycling system or distributor are not allowed. The amount of the price change is not restricted to the impact of the change in alcoholic beverage tax, but suppliers can notify a new purchase price without restrictions. The suppliers are also kindly asked to consider the fact, that Alko’s product segments will have some updates on June 5th 2018. These updates are listed in a separate announcement published on January 3rd.

The supplier is asked to notify all products with one excel sheet, which needs to include at least the following information: product number, product name, new purchase price and new retail price. The product number is determinant when prices are updated. It’s strongly advised, that suppliers use the same excel sheet as a basis, that Alko has used when informing the suppliers with new purchase prices impacted by the alcohol beverage tax on January 1st 2018. Only products, with a change in purchase price are to be listed in the Excel sheet.

The new prices should be sent to Alko to the e-mail address: prices@alko.fi