Important things to notice for listing new sale-to-order selection’s products in the end of year 2018

Because of upcoming tax increase Alko does not have listing dates for new sale-to-order products within the weeks 50-52.

New sale-to-order products that are wished to be listed in December have to be offered by 19 November 2018. The offer needs to be filled in correctly and product’s registration to Palpa recycling system must be in Palpa’s update run on 15 November 2018, so that the product can be listed in normal two weeks process time. Otherwise the listing will be delayed and transferred to January 2019.

The price calculator of year 2019 will be published in week 44. The tax rate in the price calculator will be in accordance with government proposal. There will be two price calculators in use in the Partner Network. When the product is wished to be listed in year 2018, the offer is made by using the price calculator 2018. The price calculator 2019 should be used if the product is going to be listed in year 2019.