Information on suppliers’ product fairs and enrolment for Spring events

The suppliers’ product fair is an event where suppliers are responsible for presenting products and Alko personnel is participant.

Alko is piloting suppliers’ product fairs on the first week of April in Turku and Kuopio. The product fairs are organized in Turku on 1 April 2019 and in Kuopio on 3 April 2019 in a place reserved by Alko. Alko will organize glasses for tasting, tables and cleaning of the room.

Suppliers are responsible for drinks, spittoons and other needed supplementary material (e.g. brochures). The suppliers need also add a marketing information of presented products into Taste deposit before the event. The presented and tasted products must be on Alko’s selection or have a listing date within next six weeks. The presented products are hoped to be focused on topical products and novelties. The topical issues in Spring are rosé wines on summer season (weeks 23-26) and luscious flavors from the USA from the special display theme Flavors around the world (weeks 29-33). Making and tasting of mixed drinks/cocktails is possible in the product fairs. Food cannot be served in the event.

Alko has organized its own open-door events (where personnel have a possibility to visit and taste novelties as well as topical products in one hour) in both regions. The open-door event of June is meant to be replaced with the suppliers’ product fair. Estimated turnout for participants is 120 persons in Turku and 50 persons in Kuopio. The fairs will be from 09.30 to 16.30, and during this time the Shop Assortment Experts will participate in the fairs with 3 to 4 working houres (depending on number of presenters) and other personnel have a possibility to participate for one hour.

Based on the feedback of product fairs Alko will decide how the concept will continue.

Because of the venue reservations the suppliers have to do a binding registration for the events. Please, submit the binding registration via link by 20 December 2018: