New features in Alko's Online shop

Development of web site goes on. The newest improvements are related to product search, main menu, payment process and customer communication.

To optimize product search, search field is modified to be open by default when customer enters the main page. Near the search field, keyboard shortcuts are added for the next product categories: New products, Seasonal products and Specialties. In addition, a new 'Services and shopping' section has been added to the main menu of the Online shop front page. With the new section, services can be easily seen and found.

The first mobile payment, that allows payment on mobile devices, has been introduced. The transfer payment method is currently in the mobile application for Nordea, OP and S-Bank customers. In the future, the target is to bring more mobile payment methods to the Online shop.

Customer will receive an email, when the order has been sent from the storage for delivery. This increases the transparency of the delivery process and gives customer more information about the delivery.