Partner network has been restored

Alko’s Partner network is functioning properly again and offers for tenders can be submitted.

For those larger specialty tenders, which had a deadline on Friday April 20th 2018, the deadline has been extended to Tuesday April 24th 2018. However, we kindly ask to take notice that the deadline to deliver samples stays on May 4th 2018.

Due to the malfunction in the Partner network software, the offers with offer number 1183304 – 1183501 are not visible for the offeror in the Partner network. However, a request for samples has been sent to the offeror’s e-mail address and the offer has been registered normally. The progress of these offers will also be communicated via e-mail. We request suppliers not to re-submit any offers, from which the supplier has already received a sample request via e-mail. Also all changes to products that have been submitted during the malfunction have been registered normally.

Any offers which were not completed and sent before the malfunction of the Partner network, and for which the supplier has not received a sample request, need to be re-submitted. If the draft offer is not visible to the supplier in the system, the offer needs to be re-created from the beginning.