Special display themes 2019: Flavors around the world

In year 2019 a new special display theme will be introduced that focuses on discovering different flavors around the world.

The Flavors around the world theme will emphasize the different cultures linked to food and drinks in an easy and understandable way for the consumers. Wine taste styles, beer subcategories and spirit subcategories will be used when approaching the subject of combining different kinds of foods and drinks from around the world. The themes will be this time thus wider than the themes of the previous years when the focus was more on specific and classic wine producing areas from around the world. In the series of Flavors around the world the goal is to find wider themes that interest the consumers and give easy and approachable tools to find out different food cultures and how different food-drink combinations work together.

Please find examples of the internal main messages used and the guidelines how to approach the special display for Alko shops. (Asia, USA, Nordics) The main message is at a preliminary stage and might be altered.

Please note!

Carefully note the special displays and the given guidelines how the shops will approach the special display from your products availability point of view. The goal is to ensure the availability of the products that could be easily linked to the theme. Thus, in case you have a product that is clearly linked to the theme, we hope that you will be prepared for sufficient availability for shop orders.