Special Displays in Alko Shops 2019

Special displays at Alko shops follow the annual seasons and festive periods.

UPDATED on 8 February 2019:

The document of seasonal special displays at Alko shops has been updated. The alternative displays have been specified for Summer season and Fall season (not bolded themes). Other adjustments to the documents made have been marked in red.

The preliminary special display themes will be published 3 times a year for the suppliers: Compulsory themes once a year and other alternative themes three times a year (two seasons at a time and Christmas separately).

Please note, the shops may have also other additional themes in case needed. 

The 2019 seasonal special displays for all Alko shops are listed in the document. Additional information about the Flavors around the world themes has been published separately.

There is at least one display in every Alko shop. The themes bolded in the attachment are compulsory for the period mentioned at minimum.

The voluntary shop display themes are informed for the first half of 2019 and the second half will be informed later regarding the voluntary themes.