The launch of product marketing information for Alko’s personnel

Since 10 October 2018 it has been possible for suppliers to add additional information and links for products, which support Alko’s personnel in customer service. In addition, this information is used in developing store level assortments.

Based on requests by suppliers, the marketing information will be released to Alko’s Taste Deposit -application for internal use in a coordinated manner on Thursday 29 November 2018. As all submitted information is manually checked and approved, we kindly ask to consider the following points.

  • The additional information should especially concentrate on summarizing the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for the product.

  • Direct copy-paste from for example product web-pages should be avoided, as this will result in copying also unnecessary line breaks and formats.

  • Special attention should be given to correct spelling.

  • Alko is targeting to process and approve all information submitted by Friday 16 November 2018 to by the launch date of 29 November 2018.

The length of the additional product information text is maximum 500 characters.

A new announcement will be issued for new general and sale-to-order products when additional information can be entered either in the Partner Network or by email, if there is no access to the Partner Network. For products in the selection, additional information can be notified in the Partner Network Marketing Information / All Products -section or by email, if there is no access to the Partner Network.

The maintenance of additional product information is supplier’s responsibility, and the information can be constantly updated in the Partner Network. It is also possible to send updated additional information by e-mail to the address mentioned above. Updating the additional information is particularly important when the vintage of the wine is changing.

Alko reserves the right to send the product information form back to the supplier for alteration, or to modify the text, to ensure correct and equal product level communication.

Product-specific additional information has been informed also on 10 October 2018.