The limits for sale-to-order-selection products held at the local stores from the beginning of year 2019

Alko published the additional hearing on 31 August 2018 about planning to limit the number of sale-to-order-selection products held at the local stores.

According to received feedback the limits were raised higher level from the original suggestion.

The final size-specific limits are:

XS 20
S 25
M 30
L 35
XL 40

There is a big difference between the stores, so the aim is to limit over-emphasized portion of sale-to-order selection products in the store selection. Especially traditional customer types in the local stores appreciate the constancy of the selection and ease of purchase. Alko also want to control the fragmentation of total demand and improve predictability.

Making an online shop order in the store will be introduced in the end of this year and sale-to-order selection products can be ordered directly from the store by the customer.

The change concern local stores. The number of sale-to-order selection products are not limited in the specialist stores and premium stores. The number of locally available sale-to-order selection products (T3-products) is not limited.