Errors in Alko’s previous assortment allocation calculation

Corrections will be communicated directly to suppliers.

Alko has detected calculation errors in the last assortment allocation calculation completed in the beginning of February (monitoring period August – January). In the re-calculation 41 products have been identified, which have a lower central store allocation than they should. The errors in calculation were caused by data issues in November 2018 in Alko’s data warehouse. The situation in the fall of 2018 was abnormal because of large system updates, the root causes for the problems in the calculation have been identified and corrected. All data errors have been fixed for the re-calculation.

Regarding the 41 identified products, Alko will directly contact the respective suppliers and inform the increased shop coverage on Friday 8 March 2019 the latest. The updated shop coverage will also be visible in the weekly sales reports available to the supplier in the extranet. No product will be allocated a lower shop coverage than already communicated in the beginning of February.

For possible inquiries regarding the calculation and corrections, please contact Jussi Tan (