Alko Online shop and supplying warehouse’s availability information in customer promise

Alko is developing Alko Online shop’s order-delivery process for improving the customer experience.

The aim of this development is to implement a solution that allows a customer promise of delivery time against the volume of the supplying warehouse with certain criteria. In practice there could be a promise of availability for also those products, which have enough availability in the supplying warehouse.

The first version of technical solution is under development and it will be tested in autumn 2019. The experiment is done together with limited numbers of suppliers and with chosen products. The suppliers that are interested to join the experience should be signed on via the link by 20 August 2019 at the latest. The separate criteria are used when choosing the signed suppliers to the trial.

In addition to the technical solution there will be planning of rules and requirements for the model. The planned operation model and results of the experience will be discussed in Alko’s supplier events.