Alteration to procedures – price changes to sale-to-order products

Alko's mode of operation has not been fully complied with a statement.

Current listing instructions -document states the following: Price of a new product purchased from a tender cannot be changed for the first two price list periods after the product’s listing date.

  • Despite the statement, after this rule has become effective (6/2018) Alko’s price change process has not been able to pick up sale-to-order products to change lists. Thus, sale-to-order products, which have been in Alko’s selection for less than two price list periods have not been included in the checklists sent to suppliers before each price list period change.

  • This procedure has deviated from the statement in the listing instructions. The root cause is the fact, that all needed system restrictions have not been taken into account when planning this rule. In addition, this statement has been contradictory with the statement written to Alko’s price calculator page, where the “purchased from a tender” -addition has been missing. Alko noticed this deviation from the listing instructions in May 2019.

  • The working procedure has been equal and impartial to all suppliers.

  • Because of the alcohol tax increase in the beginning of 2019, all products were allowed to change prices freely in January 2019.

If a supplier has notified a new purchase price for a sale-to-order product for June 2019, which has not been included in the price checklists sent to the supplier, the supplier can re-send these prices to Alko on Friday 24 May 2019 the latest to The same applies to products, for which Alko’s coordinators have declined the possibility to change the price. The notified price is change for the next price list period starting on 4 June 2019.

⇒ Alko targets to carry out all necessary changes to the pricing systems before the next price list period change, allowing all sale-to-order products to be included in the checklists. Further information will be published by end of June.