amfori/Equalitas producer trainings available in January 2020 in Italy

amfori and Equalitas organize trainings in Conegliano, Italy, in 16-17 January 2020.

Please see further information on the course below and in the attachment. Registrations via amfori Academy.

Equalitas/amfori: Introduction to Sustainable Wine

Level: Introductory / Practical

Audience: General managers of wine producing facilities (wineries) in Italy

Level: Practical

  • Day 1: Social management system and good practices with suppliers
  • Day 2: Responsible recruitment and good practices with employees

Learning Objectives

Understand a continuum of practices, from fundamental to 'going the extra mile'.

  • Understand that sustainability has three equally relevant dimensions: social, economic, environmental and why sustainability is relevant for wineries and for buyers
  • Become familiar with management practices and procedures necessary to protect workers’ rights and promote good socio-economic practices
  • Specifically understand risks that abuses of migrant, casual and seasonal workers pose for their business and reputation in overseas markets
  • Become familiar with the due diligence practices required to manage risk in the recruitment processes, specifically for migrant, casual and seasonal workers
  • Understand that EQUALITAS and amfori BSCI support wineries to improve their social performance and communicate it to buyers