Effects of Posti’s workers’ strike to Alko’s operations

Updated on 21 November 2019: The strike will also affect Alko’s operations.

The Posti’s workers’ strike started on Monday 11 November 2019. The strike will also affect Alko’s operations.

There has been some delays in the shop deliveries of products in rural areas, risks for further delays increase if the strike is prolonged. Alko is mitigating risks by instructing the shops to increase the shop safety stock levels to higher than normal.

The Finnish Seafarers´ Union as well as the Transport Workers’ Union (AKT) have started supporting strikes on 18 November 2019. In addition, the Finnish Food Workers' Union (SEL) has announced a supporting strike starting on 22 November 2019. If these strikes are prolonged, they may have an effect on product availability in Alko shops. Alko is working together with the warehouses to minimize the impact of these strikes. Alko’s own central warehouses are not part of the strike in the future according to current knowledge.

Alko Online shop deliveries to customers are also impacted, typically the strike can cause delays of a few days to the shipments. Alko is informing the Alko Online shop's customers of the risk of prolonged delivery times upon the purchase.

Posti is evaluating the effects of the strike daily. Alko is actively monitoring the situation and taking necessary actions to minimize the impact of the strike.

This bulletin will be updated actively as per need.

More information: Niko Päivänen (niko.paivanen@alko.fi)