Product Managers' fair meetings in spring 2019

UPDATED (added Vinitaly): In spring 2019 the Product Managers are tentatively participating in the following international fairs:

Oenorama: 2-4 March

Prowein: 17-19 March

Vinitaly: 7-10 April 

Fenavin: 7-9 May

In general, the Product Managers receive more meeting invitations than they manage to schedule. Therefore, we kindly ask you to send your invitations for meetings with your partners in the below-mentioned fairs via link below (except Vinitaly directly to Karina Tiihonen by email). Your wishes regarding the date and time of the meeting will be taken into consideration and followed as far as possible.

Fair Time of the fair Product Manager Meeting invitations at the latest Confirmed by the Product Manager at the latest


Anni Malmi



Prowein 17.-19.3.2019   As the division of responsibilities between Product Managers 1.2.2019 15.2.2019



Karina Tiihonen





Karina Tiihonen



Please note! Unfortunately we can't take into account meeting invitations that arrives after the deadline.

Meeting invitations to Oenorama on 4 March 2019. 

Meeting invitations to Prowein according to suggested dates below:


Kirsi Erme:

- Sun 17.3. Germany, South America, Luxembourg and Switzerland

- Mon-Tue 18.-19.3. South America

Karina Tiihonen:

- Sun 17.3. Australia

- Mon 18.3. Spain

- Tue 19.3. New Zealand and other countries

Timo Tossavainen:

- Sun-Tue 17.-19.3. France and North America

Anni Malmi:

- Sun 17.3. Portugal

- Mon 18.3. South Africa

- Tue 19.3. Other countries


Marjo Pelkonen

- Sun-Mon 17.-18.3.

Brewery products

Kasper Kukkonen

- Mon 18.3.

Please note that in the meetings the Product Managers aim is to focus on products and ideas that have not been presented to them yet.

Kindly send us a more detailed agenda of the meetings (product information of the products to be tasted, persons to participate in the meeting and confirmed meeting place) at least one week before the fair in question.

The country responsibilities of the Product Managers can be found on Alko's website: Product Categories

Use this link: 
* Meeting invitations to Vinitaly are sent directly to Karina Tiihonen ( by email.