Change in offering dolly pallet on week 3/2020

Offering dolly pallet in Partner Network to be streamlined.

Product sales review will be published on week 3/2020. At the same time new dolly pallet offering function will be deployed in Partner Network.

Dolly offer is created on Dolly pallets -tab in Product sheet in Partner Network for products valid to be supplied on a dolly pallet. Current offering process for dolly pallets will not be available anymore.

  • All-year products in the dolly pallets and Seasonal dolly pallets for the main products in the general selection: Permission to offer a new dolly pallet will be informed by email. Notification will not be send if all-year product in the dolly pallet is already active in Alko’s system.
  • Dolly pallets for the seasonal products: For seasonal products which have been selected to Alko’s selection via seasonal product search it is possible to offer a new dolly pallet after receiving Marketing information request by email.

Product’s current and possible dolly pallets can be found from Dolly pallets -tab on Product sheets in Partner Network. New dolly offer is created by clicking ‘Add dolly pallet’ -button. Please, create dolly pallet for each dolly type separately. Dolly offer can be saved as draft or sent immediately. All saved or sent dolly offers can be found from the Dolly pallets -list on the left hand menu in Partner Network.

Dolly offers need to be submitted by Friday 7 February 2020 for all-year products in the dolly pallets and seasonal dolly pallets for the main products in the general selection (Easter and summer season).

Instructions for Partner Network use is updated and attached.

Updated on 9 June 2021.