Bulletin for suppliers: Developments in Partner Network’s Purchase price notification

There are new features on the view of purchase price notification in the Partner Network.

Increases and decreases in the purchase price as well as changes to the terms of delivery and modes of distribution may become effective three times a year according to the schedule indicated in the Listing Instructions. The method of informing the price changes was renewed in spring 2020, and features of Partner Network has been developed for the price list period of October according to the feedback received.

Submitting price information using the Excel file

It is possible to import purchase prices to the Partner Network by using specific Excel file template. The specific Excel template (Purchase price notification_import_template_EN.xlsx) is in the attachment and also available on information page of Partner Network.

  • Do not make any changes to the names of the columns.
  • There are sheets for both max and over 5,5% alcohol products.
  • Please note that only products, for which the purchase price is changing, are submitted in the Excel template.
  • Change in the recycling system/Change of deposit cannot be done via Excel template. The change needs to be submitted separately in Partner Network Purchase price notification -view despite importing the prices by Excel template. Remember to save separately the changes submitted in the view.

Exporting the saved information

It is also possible to export saved purchase prices and recycling system/deposit data from the Purchase price notification view with .csv-file, which can be saved to one’s personal files.

Products with over 5.5% alcohol

In case the saved retail price is lower than the purchase price, a notification will appear after pressing the save-button. Also, a red dot will appear at the end of the product number row.

Please notice:

  • Please note that only changing price or recycling system/deposit information should be submitted.
  • It is possible to change the data as many times as needed until the last date for making the notification.
  • Changing the price is not possible for products in large and small specialties and seasonal products.
  • For new products only the change in the recycling system/deposit is allowed. In the case of an old product which have got a new product number, the price notification needs to be done by email to prices@alko.fi
  • The price notification must be done by 4 August 2020 for prices that will become effective from 6 October 2020.
  • More detailed instructions for the use are available in the Partner Network instructions (attached). There is also guidance for price changes >

For more information: prices@alko.fi

Updated on 9 June 2021.

NB! Do not make any changes to the names of the columns. There are sheets for both max and over 5,5% alcohol products.