Environmentally responsible packaging symbol for glass bottles in brewery products and spirits

Alko brings among the responsible packages also spirits' and brewery products' glass bottles with their own limits.

The choice of packaging material makes a big difference to the environmental impacts of the beverage. A lighter glass bottle or use of recycled material is not easy to recognize without further information. These products are marked with the Environmentally responsible packaging symbol to help finding them from the assortment.

For spirits and brewery products Alko will expand the environmentally responsible packaging symbol to glass bottles by June 2020. The renewal involves 0.33 litre and 0.5 litre glass bottles for brewery products and 0.7 litre glass bottle for spirits.

Glass bottle packaging weight maximum:

  • Spirits: 0.7 litre, max. 450 gr.
  • Brewery products: 0.33 litre, max. 220 gr. and 0.5 litre, max. 300 gr.

We will inform you later when producers can start a change process for the products already in our assortment in https://www.alko.fi/en/alko-inc/for-suppliers/news-and-information/2020. If the supplier is currently unaware of the bottles weights or the information is very old, we recommend suppliers to check empty bottle weights for future product information updates.

Feedback and questions can be sent to:
Spirits: Marjo Pelkonen (marjo.pelkonen@alko.fi)
Brewery products: Timo Vallo (timo.vallo@alko.fi)