Hearing: Listing procedure of alcoholic preparations

The separate instruction document of procedure and retail sale will be published for alcoholic preparations.

Alko will publish the listing instructions for alcoholic preparations with over 5.5 per cent alcohol by volume in June 2020. The attached document contains the listing instructions for alcoholic preparations, which will become valid on 15 July 2020, and it is published for stakeholders for introduction and feedback. Your comments to the listing instructions are welcome. Please send your comments on 8 June 2020 at the latest to johanna.hallberg@alko.fi

  • Alcoholic preparation stands for an alcoholic substance which is not an alcoholic beverage or spirit. Alko’s listing instruction applies to a solid or solid-containing alcoholic preparation, which is intended to be consumed as such or which can be made into a drink by separation of ingredients or by adding liquid, and the alcohol content is over 5.5 per cent of volume.

  • Solid alcoholic preparations containing maximum 2.8 per cent ethyl alcohol by volume, such as chocolate confectionery or ice cream, may be sold freely. The regulations of the Alcohol Act on alcoholic beverages, such as age limits, apply to the retail sale, licensed serving and marketing of stronger products.

  • The retail sale and licensed serving of alcoholic beverages with over 2.8 per cent of volume require a permission. The retail sale of alcoholic beverages with more than 5.5 per cent alcohol by volume belongs to sole right of Alko. For the purposes of the Alcohol Act, the preparation’s alcoholic strength by volume is considered to be its alcoholic strength by weight.