Bulletin for suppliers: New price calculator has been released

The price calculator for year 2021 has been released.

The price calculator includes the new taxes for alcohol beverages that presumably will take place on 1 January 2021. According to the government proposal the average tax increase will be approximately 5 per cent.

Also, price list of Palpa recycling fees is changing on 1 January 2021. For cans, the recycling fee will increase 30 per cent and the glass bottle recycling fees will be reduced by 10 per cent in all recycling fee categories. Palpa’s price list 1 January 2021 is available on Palpa’s webpages.

The new alcohol beverage taxes and recycling fees will be used in the product’s pricing as follows:

  • For new products from 1 January 2021. The offeror may change the purchase price given in the offer by the total of the changed factors at maximum.
  • For products in the selection from the price list period of January 2021. Price changes need to be notified by 20 November 2020. If a supplier delivering directly to Alko shops does not announce a new purchase price, the increased tax will be taken from the supplier’s margin.

The price calculator 2021_V1 is available on Alko’s For suppliers webpages.

There are two different price calculators (Price calculator 2020_V2 and Price calculator 2021_V1) in the Partner Network. The right price calculator is chosen as follows depending on the tender or the date of submitted offer.

Price calculator 2020_V2 is used for:

  • Tenders in Selection Plan 2/2021: tenders which have deadline for offers by 15 November 2020 (Please notice: Under ‘additional information’ field in the offer it is possible to add a purchase price and a retail price calculated with tax rate for year 2021)
  • Sale-to-order selection’s products offered by 16 November 2020. These products are aimed to be listed during 2020, but if the offer process is severely congested, this schedule can’t be guaranteed. (The offer needs to be filled in correctly and product’s registration to Palpa recycling system must be in Palpa’s update run on 13 November 2020, for the product to have the possibility to be listed in normal two weeks process time.) Please read more information>

Price calculator 2021_V1 is used for:

  • Purchase prices notified for the price list period of January 2021
  • Tenders in Selection Plan 2/2021: tenders which have deadline for offers after 16 November 2020
  • Sale-to-order selection’s products that will be listed in year 2021 (the offer is submitted after 17 November 2020) and for those sale-to-order products which registration to Palpa recycling system is not ready in the Palpa’s update run on 13 November 2020
  • Additional tender requests to the Selection plan that are published after 1 November 2020