Second reminder: Supplement new product information to the product sheet

The new product information for Sediment and Declared ingredients must be provided to products by 29 February 2020.

The product sheet in the Partner Network was introduced on 23 October 2019. At the same time the new product information for Sediment and Declared ingredients to the product sheet was added. The information is requested to supplement to the products in the Partner Network’s product sheet by 29 February 2020. Please note that the content of the declared ingredients needs to be the same than on the product’s label markings.

The declared ingredients will be published as a part of the product information in Alko Online shop. To accomplish this, a product-specific information on the declared ingredients required by law is needed. If the information is not supplemented by the deadline (29 February 2020), the fee will be issued for products with incomplete product information according to the Listing instructions: ”If there is a relevant mistake in the product information from customer’s point of view, a fee of 300.00 euro (+ VAT) will be issued for the supplier. Such a mistake can be e.g. anomaly in product’s allergen markings, not updated product image or vintage.”