Bulletin for suppliers: Submitting the information of environmentally responsible packaging for spirits’ and brewery products’ glass bottles

The information for products in the selection needs to be submitted by 24 May 2020. 

Packaging material plays a major role in a beverage’s environmental impact. Generally speaking, the lighter the packaging, the smaller its environmental impact. The environmentally responsible packaging, which is one of Alko’s Green Choice symbols, is complemented with lighter glass bottles of spirits and brewery products in June.

Weight limits for the lighter glass bottles are:

    • For spirits’ 0.7 litres glass bottle maximum 450 grams
    • For brewery products’ size class of 0.33 litres glass bottle maximum 220 grams
    • For brewery products’ size class of 0.5 litres glass bottle maximum 300 grams

For the products in the selection, we are requesting from the suppliers to check their products’ weight measurements by 24 May 2020. If the suppliers are not aware of bottle weights for their products, the information in the Partner Network is defective or wrong (e.g. from many years ago), we are encouraging reweighing of empty bottles.

Updated weight information can be notified either in the Partner Network as a change notification or with a structured Excel file.

1. In the Partner Network

  • In the product information sheet by adding the product change for light bottle or by correcting the information from light bottle to normal.
  • Please notice when notifying:
    • until 12 May 2020 in the Partner Network for spirits in 0.7 litre glass bottles and for brewery products only in 0.33 litre and 0.5 litre glass bottles can be notified.
    • from 12 May 2020 in the Partner Network it is possible to notify also other acceptable package sizes of brewery products. This applies to the following glass bottle sizes:
      • 0.34-0.38 litres (maximum 220 grams)
      • 0.51-0.57 litres (maximum 300 grams)

2. With the structured Excel file

  • The Excel file needs to include at least following information in different columns: supplier, Alko’s product number, product name, weight of empty bottle in grams. The product number is the determinant.

More information:
Spirits: Marjo Pelkonen (marjo.pelkonen@alko.fi)
Brewery products: Kasper Kukkonen (kasper.kukkonen@alko.fi)